Reviewing The Most Accurate Pregnancy Tests Of 2017




Most manufacturers of pregnancy tests today claim that their products are more than 99% accurate when used correctly. However, what they do not tell us is whether these kits are as accurate on the day a woman misses her period as they are five days to one week later. So, how do you know which is the most accurate pregnancy test that will give you reliable results when you want it?


Well, take note that these tests are designed to detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone, of which levels will rapidly increase if you are pregnant almost immediately following implantation, which means that tests that detect the lowest hCG levels should be the most reliable ones to use. If you are looking for the most accurate pregnancy test on the market today, we have a list here to help you narrow down your options.


Top 5 Best Pregnancy Test's Of 2017


NameManufacturer Rating 

Clearblue Digital
Clearblue4/5Check Price

Personal Contraception Monitor
SPD Swiss Precision Diagnostics5/5Check Price

Fertility Pack by BabyMad Ltd
BabyMad Ltd 4/5Check Price

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test
First Response4.5/5Check Price

First Choice Pregnancy Test
First Choice5/5Check Price


1. Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test Kit Conception Indicator

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test Kit Conception Indicator



This kit gives you double confirmation of the result. With its Smart Dual Sensor, it does not only tell you whether you are pregnant or not, but will also show you how many weeks you are conceiving in case you are. By using this pregnancy test, you will no longer need to interpret the lines, as its advanced digital display tells you in words the results. Also, it uses a one-step process, making it the easiest-ever test that you can use. It displays an unmistakably clear “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” result, which is over 99% accurate from the day your period is due, which is why this product is highly recommended by doctors in the UK.


How It Works


This pregnancy test works by detecting hCG in your urine and is highly accurate when you use it from the day your period is due. Though you can use it up to 4 days before such a time and get a negative result, it is advised to test again the day your period is due, as the hCG levels in your urine might not be high enough to be detected yet.


When and How to Use


As previously mentioned, it is advised that you use the test on the day your period is due. When you are ready to do the test, simply remove the one-piece test stick from its foil wrapper and take off its cap. Pointing its tip downwards, hold the absorbent sampler in your urine stream for about five seconds, or you can collect a sample of your urine in a dry and clean container and immerse the sampler in it for up to 20 seconds. The test will then detect the sampler when urine is applied to it and will flash a “wait” symbol that demonstrates the test is working correctly. The result will then appear within 3 minutes after the symbol stops flashing. The “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” result will stay displayed for approximately 24 hours.


How to Interpret Results


If you are pregnant, your doctor will calculate your pregnancy stage based upon the first day of your last period, but you can just see for yourself how many weeks ago you conceived through the kit’s conception indicator. Take note that conception occurs approximately 14 days before your next period is due.

2. Personal Contraception Monitor Refills Kit – 8 Test Sticks

Personal Contraception Monitor Refills Kit - 8 Test Sticks



Aside from being a pregnancy test, PERSONA is a contraceptive method that works in harmony with your body, monitoring changes in luteinizing hormone (LH) and estrogen (hormones that control your cycle) and identifying the days when you are at risk of conceiving.


How It Works


Consisting of a hand-held monitor and test sticks, PERSONA works by monitoring the natural chemical messages that have direct control of your cycle. As you may already know, the levels of these hormones rise and fall as they regulate the different stages of your cycle, which makes it possible for this kit to determine the days around your ovulation when you would easily get pregnant. The sticks collect hormones from a sample of your first urine of the day and process the natural chemical messages into data that can be read by the monitor, which then stores and uses it to notify you if you are at a significant risk of becoming pregnant, which are called “red days”, or free to have sex without using contraception, which are called “green days”.


The PERSONA takes into account both the sperm and egg’s survival times, where the egg usually survives for only up to 24 hours and the sperm for several days inside your body around the time of ovulation. During the first month of using PERSONA, it will ask you for 16 tests, which cover days 6 and 9-23, for it to have a complete picture of your cycle as quickly as it could. After that, it will only ask you to do tests on 8 days of each of your cycle onward.


Aside from being considered as the most accurate pregnancy test by many people, this kit is also a natural and non-invasive method of contraception. It is suitable for you if you are in a stable relationship and intends to have children at some time in the future. It is easy to use and has 94% reliability when you use it according to instructions.

3. 20 x Ovulation + 10 x Ultra (10mIU) Pregancy Tests + Basal Thermometer – Fertility Pack by BabyMad Ltd

UltraPregancy Tests + Basal Thermometer - Fertility Pack by BabyMad Ltd




As the name suggests, this home-use ovulation test kit allows you to predict when you will be ovulating, which is the time you are at a significant risk of getting pregnant. You can use it to measure the level of LH (a hormone that facilitates ovulation) in your urine, detecting its surge that occurs in the middle of your menstrual cycle, which is about 24 to 36 hours before ovulation. When you detect a surge of LH during the test, then it means that you are fertile.


This kit is considered the most sensitive pregnancy test on the market, thus you can also regard it as the most accurate pregnancy test in terms of early detection. Those who have used this say that it is really easy to use and has greater detection accuracy of over 99.98% compared with most store-bought pregnancy tests.


How It Works


When you are ovulating, you will experience a rise in body temperature which is a natural reaction to provide a more fertile environment for conception. This kit helps you monitor these temperature changes and know when ovulation takes place in your cycle. With the basal thermometer, you can record and chart your basal body temperature every day, so you will know the time of month when you are most fertile to conceive a baby!


How Reliable It Is


Under the In Vitro Devices Directive, a European Union legislation, all home-use diagnostic tests are required to have a CE mark for them to be legally distributed in the UK. The reason for this is to protect consumers with quality rules and strict security imposed on manufacturers. Now, this pregnancy test has this mark, so it should be reliable to use.


With an ultra-high sensitivity of 10 mIU/mL, which is 100% more sensitive than standard 20 mIU tests, this pregnancy test kit from BabyMad is able to detect pregnancy seven days after conception, which is up to three days earlier than standard tests, which means that you can use it well before your missed period. And like other sensitive and effective pregnancy tests on the market today, it works by detecting the hCG hormone, which is released by the fertilized egg and surges as conception progresses.


How to Use


The BabyMad pregnancy test kit helps you keep track of your temperature on your menstrual cycles’ first day with a basal body thermometer (which is more accurate than digital thermometers), showing minute changes in your temperature. After plotting temperature changes on a chart, you can then check your cervical mucus using toilet paper or your fingers and note its consistency. You can also monitor its texture throughout the day. As you may already know, you will see a spike in your temperature, which is a sign that you have ovulated, and at the same time will notice that your cervical mucus would feel and look like raw egg white. When you notice these signs coinciding, then it is baby-making time! This ovulation test is very easy to use and cost effective in providing you the best chance of getting pregnant.


What Comes with It


This kit’s cost includes everything you will need to complete the test. It is also supplied with instructions that are easy to understand, with each test separately packaged in a sterile, foil pouch that clearly displays the expiration date and contains a drying agent for protection against moisture.

4. First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test, 3 Tests,

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test, 3 Tests,




The earlier you will know when you may get pregnant, the better. Featuring the First to Detect Technology, this pregnancy test kit is sensitive enough to detect little amounts of the LH hormone, providing you with useful results six days sooner than your missed period. As you can see, early pregnancy detection matters. The first few weeks of conception are critical to the development of the fetus, which means that getting prenatal care as early as possible is essential to have a healthy birth weight and ensure your baby's survival. After all, if you know that you are conceiving, you can immediately start making healthy choices for your pregnancy, which include getting the right nutrition, dieting and avoiding hazards.


How to Use


The FIRST RESPONSE home pregnancy test kit is designed to detect hCG as early as six days before your missed period or five days before the day of your expected period. You can perform the test any time of the day, and you do not have to use a sample of your first morning urine.


When you are ready for the test after reading the instructions, you should remove the test stick from the foil wrapper and take off its over cap. Thumb-gripping the stick with the absorbent tip pointing downward and facing the result window away from your body, place the absorbent tip in your urine stream for about five seconds. Afterwards, still hold the stick in the same downward position, replace the over cap and then place the stick on a non-absorbent and flat surface with the result window facing upward. Wait three minutes for the result to appear.


With its new, curved and longer handle, it is pretty easy to use, where you no longer have to struggle holding the test kit while trying not to miss.


What You Need to Know About Early Testing


Put in mind that not all pregnant women have detectable amounts of the LH hormone in their urine during the time they perform the test, and the levels of this hormone gradually increases with the progress of pregnancy. By using the FIRST RESPONSE in laboratory tests, such hormone was detected at a level of 76% among pregnant women five days before their expected period; 96% for those with four days; >99% for those with three, two, one and zero days.

5. Early Detection Pregnancy Midstream Tests 2 + 1 FREE (3 Tests in Total)

Early Detection Pregnancy Midstream Tests 2 + 1 FREE (3 Tests in Total)



This early detection pregnancy test kit is designed to detect increased levels of the hCG hormone in urine. Commonly referred to as the pregnancy hormone, the hCG can indicate conception at a level of >10mIU/ml. Also considered by many users as the most accurate pregnancy test created these days, this kit is ultra-sensitive and is able to detect the presence of the said hormone up to six days earlier than the actual day of your expected menstrual cycle, given that that you are having hormonal levels of >25mIU/ml. The amount of hCG that is being produced per individual can vary, where in some cases, you will be able to perform tests up to six days earlier than your expected menstruation. However, take note that most accurate results are obtained after or on the actual day of your missed period.


How It Works


Like any other pregnancy test kits, this early detection pregnancy test detects the pregnancy hormone in urine. Your body produces such hormone during pregnancy, and because of this product’s high sensitivity, the hCG can be detected as early as possible by simply dipping this kit in a sample of your urine.


When to Use


Basically, the hCG hormone, which is produced by the fertilized egg after conception, can be detected on the first day of your expected or missed period. Remember that the levels of this hormone will double every two to three days, so you might need to try testing again in two days if you performed the test early. Also, put in mind that tests can be negative even up to a few weeks after your expected period due to the fact that hCG levels can increase differently in every woman. So, it is recommended that you perform such tests on or after your missed period, but as this kit is highly sensitive, you can perform tests as early as six days before your menstrual cycle. And again, it is important to test again a few days later to get more reliable results if you have performed the test early.


How to Use


First, do not open the test foil pouch until you are ready to begin performing the test. If you are ready, open it and remove the test, where you will see the absorbent tip when taking off the lid. Collect a sample of your urine in a dry and clean container and immerse the absorbent tip for about 10 seconds. Then remove the test stick from your urine sample and place it on a dry, clean and flat surface with the result window facing upward to start timing. You can obtain results in about one minute, but to make it sure, you can let it read for about 5 minutes. Remember that results generated after ten minutes are usually considered invalid, so if it shows positive in such time, it is advised to repeat the test in two days.


How to Interpret Results


If there appears one colored in the control band on the result window, but none in the test band, then this means a negative result (you are not pregnant). If the result window shows two colored lines—one in the control band and one in the test band—with the line in the test band similar in color, lighter or darker than the one in the control region, then this means a positive result (you are likely pregnant). If there is a line appearing in the test band, but there is none in the control band, then it indicates an invalid test. The same goes to a result without lines appearing anywhere in the result window.


Withal, it is important to note that positive test results indicate a sure pregnancy. With this test is ultra-sensitive test kit, you can detect increased levels of the hCG hormone at above 10mIU/ml, you can know that you are most likely pregnant at >5mlU/ml. However, if you performed the test early, you should always repeat it on the actual day of your missed period. Also, while negative results indicate no pregnancy, hCG levels may be low in the early stages of your menstrual cycle, so you should perform the test again in 2 days if you still do not experience menstruation.


Final Thought


When choosing the most accurate pregnancy test, keep in mind that kits which are rated for the lowest hCG levels will be able to detect pregnancy sooner than those with higher levels.